Frankenstein 7"

by MeToo

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梦中人 05:32
孤独的青春跌进自己编织的梦里 又在阳光下失去了所谓美丽的幻想 茫然的生命逃不开时间的双手 顺从着消失在没有边际的答案中 沉溺在欲望的深渊 徘徊在谎言的世界 纠缠着虚幻的誓言 挣扎在两个自己之间 多么纷乱的梦  多么纷乱的梦境 多么孤单的梦 多么孤单的梦境 多么悲伤的梦 多么悲伤的梦境 但愿是一场梦 但是已成梦境 当我从梦中醒来看见这世界的时候 所有的悲伤瞬间融化在温暖的阳光中 伸出双手抚摸着 啊 痛苦的脸庞 饥渴的人已经忘记了曾经的忧伤 简单的梦  疯狂的梦   危险的梦 美丽的梦 多么遥远的梦 多么遥远的梦境 多么温暖的梦 多么温暖的梦境 多么渴望的梦 多么渴望的梦境 永远消失的梦 永远消失的梦境 没有人能改变这时代
再造人 05:52
谢谢你能原谅我的平凡 让我不再孤单 你说自由不会担忧背叛 心会越来越暖 孤独的灯火 在寂静的角落 坚强是什么 能否摆脱寂寞 嘿 你是灿烂的光芒  嘿 和你一起不必后悔 我一直是一个不错的失败者 总学不会如何生活 你说我只要放弃心中的结果 别害怕一切都错过 带着所有伤 痛苦扛肩上 和你一起唱 感觉不一样 嘿 无论未来如何 嘿 都是梦中花朵 幻想自己是片浮云  飘过天际 幻想一切全都忘记  没有痕迹 丢了来复枪 大家都紧张 谁在拿着枪 认真想一想 虚假的快乐啊支离破碎 他拿着枪谈论和平多美 失败的执法者会后退 让我们看透他的虚伪


Metamorphosis: a process by which an entity physically develops post birth, after hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in structure through growth and differentiation. Beijing via Xinjiang alt rockers MeToo musically embody this form of rebirth popularized by Kafka and Monarch Butterflies to a tee, as evidenced in their debut for Genjing Records, the “Frankenstein” 7”. After taking two full years to re-evaluate and further refine their craft, the band, a live staple in the Chinese Underground touring circuit since 2009, have re-emerged with two full-on bangers which combine glitchy, 8 bit inspired electronics, power chords, spooky synth lines, reverb drenched Mandarin vocals and insanely precise production that somehow translates into flat-out accessibility. In essence, this is pop music that has been masticated by fleshless cyborgs and spat into the human subconscious to be re-consumed auditorily. It is the sum of it’s parts and then some. It might well be the future of Chinese pop music. It is most definitely the product of roughly 730 days well spent. Frankensteinian in reverse, Mary Shelley would most certainly appreciate such irony - from beyond her Bournemouth grave to the listless megatropolis of Beijing and beyond.


released September 20, 2015


Lu Zi - Vocal
Yin Yi - Guitar
Zhou Youai - Keyboard
Panda - Drum
Feng Bo - Bass


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