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The screaming starts about a half-minute into the smooth lounge intro, ripping you out of your headspace and into the high-heat broil of Guangzhou’s DieChiwawa! Die! The sample choice isn’t quite accidental; more a byproduct of constant crate-digging in the famed Guangdong vinyl pits, where all your least favorite records go to die and get repurposed into industrial goo. This side of the slab is more melt than music for sure, a shit cocktail of one-plus-minute gut-burners like opening number “No Stage is the Best Stage”, which is definitely true for this crew, who prefer to play out in decrepit practice rooms, illegally squatted rooftops and ramshackle skate shops than anything that could reasonably be called a “live music venue.” Pay close attention to midway skit “Taxi Driver” to KNOW how it feels to be 30 beers too deep in the heart of the PRD (wisely chased with “Call the Ambulance”), and also make sure to hover around standout track “One From the Heart”, which is just that, an ode to the lost clique of Chinese youth finding meaning in dive bars and DIY circus sideshows.

Things don’t slow down at all on the b-side, a Beijing-gray lather of late-night scuzz from multinational fast-core quartet Struggle Session. Quite the opposite. Break out your pointiest culture-war dunce cap and gouge the pit to the dulcet strains of “Smog Thrills” and “Trail of Glass”, broken etudes to beat-down spirits that are too angry to go away. Rather they haunt from Bejing’s sweatiest, booziest depths, growl from the gutter with the enduring fire that only furious self-imposed exiles from bullshit futures in which they have no say can keep aflame. This is the only sound they can make: filthy shaky chords, empty cups, broken bottles and that hour of sleep you keep losing.


released June 30, 2017


Jinbo - Vocals / Synth
Peng - Bass
Ronny - Drum
Siugat - Guitar
Warsaw - Vocals

Recorded by Zams Yu, Dominic Lam and Pat Yau at Focal Fair, Hong Kong
Mixed by Zams
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios in Pittsburgh, USA

Thanks to those who played in Die!ChiwawaDie! before:
Cong, Za, Rosa, William, Androw, Henry, Sam Chiu, Malicedong, Chaos, Chris and Kai.

Thanks to:
Zams, Dom, Pat, Lai and everyone at Focal Fair and all the friends on the 9th floor.

Petechen, Qian Dao Jiang, Rocky, Sam Chan, Qiii Snacks Records, BoringProductions and SD Livehouse.

Special thanks to:
Aaron, Alfie, Nevin, Oliver, Struggle Session, Dress Code and Genjing Records.


Aaron – Drums / Vocals
Alf – Bass / Vocals
Nevin – Guitar / Vocals
Oliver – Lead Vocals

Recorded fall 2016 by Yang Haisong at Psychic Kong in Beijing, China
Mixed by Fredrik Lyxzén at Parasite Studios in Umeå, Sweden
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios in Pittsburg, USA

All music and lyrics by Struggle Session

Thanks to:
Yang Haisong & Fredrik Lyxzén,

Special Thanks to:
Jinbo, Peng, Ronny, Siugat, Warsaw, Die!ChiwawaDie! and Qii Snacks Records



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - No Stage is the Best Stage
高高在上 有咩意思
高高在上 有咩意思
高高在上 有咩意思
企埋啲 企埋啲

设备再靓 都冇意思
设备再靓 都冇意思
设备再靓 都冇意思
再近啲 再近啲

Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - Classmate Chiu the Shoegazer
摇滚英雄 佢叫方紧
摇滚英雄 佢叫方紧
摇滚英雄 佢叫方紧
摇滚英雄 佢叫方紧
摇滚英雄 就係赵元松
勾搭高手 就係赵元松
豆瓣达人 就係赵元松




从水底游过 躲过探照灯扫射
避过警犬嘅嗅觉 闪过解放军子弹
从水底游过 躲过探照灯扫射
避过警犬嘅嗅觉 闪过解放军子弹


赵元松 (睇show要免费 唔想同你计)
松松松 (风格唔重要 只要有得嚼)
赵元松 (无论你是厕所定系天窗定系捐隆)
赵元就松 (只要你成功你都叫赵元松)
Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - Fan the Flame


我想杀人 我全家都想杀人
Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - Call the Ambulance
佢笠声唔出好似话 please dont talk to me

好劲啊 ACxDC
成晚都唔停咁喺度circle pit
好邪啊 ACxDC
咪信佢地话咩乜柒“撒旦,i dont believe!”


好劲啊 ACxDC
成场唔停咁喺度circle pit
好邪啊 ACxDC
冇信佢地话咩“撒旦,i dont believe”

Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - Days Under the Balls
Slam dunk with the ball under your balls
Good show and good music of Qiii Snacks Records
But nobody will come and nobody will listen
Guangzhou people sucks but we don't give a fuck

It was a great time in my life
I'd never seen pairs for 4 years or five
It was a great time in my life
Guangzhou indie scene is going to die

Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - Thank You

I wanna say thank you
For everything you give
For the love, and the pain
For the money, and the shame

Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - Your Life
笑咩笑 你咪又係咁
笑咩笑 你咪又係咁
笑咩笑 你咪又係咁
喊咩喊 你都有今日
喊咩喊 你都有今日
喊咩喊 你都有今日

我最擅长 倒插一刀
我最擅长 落井下石
人前笑嘻嘻 转身就泼屎
见不得人好 凡事扮弱智

非常不幸 被人暗算
非常不幸 家破人亡
呼天又抢地 跪地磕响头
阴德积得少 人死冇人救

It’s so sad
But it’s true
It’s so true
It’s your life

Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - One From the Heart
Get yourself away from me and you and nothing
Cause in my head you’re gone and I swear
I’ll take my eyes away from you and nothing

“I left home I went to a circus and find a girl”
“I left home I went to a pub and find a boy”

Some are bad for her Hank
Some are bad for his Frannie
Some are bad for you and me
Send hatred for you and me

If I could sing, I would sing, I would sing it in my way
the days we stay they seems getting faraway
Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - WNVRBHRDCRBND
We'll never be a hardcore band
We only wanna play shitty music
Shitty music is what we wanna play
Track Name: Die!ChiwawaDie! - That Means Nothing (小島樂隊 cover)
I lied on the bed in the kindergarten
I couldn’t fall asleep every afternoon
Because I waited for the sprinkler to come
It sang me lullabies, some mysterious sound

I age about 7 or 8
I lost in this sound faraway
I love this sound just like you
I miss my past my good old days

I can feel the air’s getting colder
But I did nothing this summer
The fall is shorter than you think
As short as the days that you stayed here

Now I want to sing you an old song
Now I want to sing you an old song
Now I want to sing you an old song
Now I want to sing you an old song
Track Name: Struggle Session - What's Left?
You know, I really think the shit we swallow daily is our choice, but what I wonder is how much of that gets through the filter? and how much of this is just a stupid fucking animal, I want to know what’s left when you drain this body, I want to know what’s left, when you drain this mind. What good is there? and can it really make any fucki
ng difference? I want to know. Channel it on empty, no room for anything else.
Track Name: Struggle Session - Stupid Energies
Bite on my tongue
As the red water seeps
outwards into the world
onto the face of what keeps me down

So feel it now, feel me now
Pure energies with gold intent

Dried up anger in our roots,
War stories in our soil,
It’s the fruit we bear that's worth it all again.

So feel it now,
so feel me now
Pure energies with gold intent

Make it last, soak it in
as my mind warps to the rhythm
as this high gets me through it all

So feel it now,
so feel me now
Pure energies with gold intent

Make it last, soak it in, feel it now.
Track Name: Struggle Session - Unwound
Force fed shit view, I want none of it, I want none of you.
Try and drag me down, I'll take it all in and give it back.
Let it all unwind, find the release, and give it back.
We have been abandoned, by what's weighed us down.
Alone in shallow noise, without an end.
Try and drag us down, I’ll take it all in, and give it back.
Let it all unwind, find our release, and give it back.
Unwind the sublime lines, fill me a thousand times.
I'll do the same for you.
As the threads unravel, as the cup pours out, we'll give it back.
Track Name: Struggle Session - Howler
For every life you reap,
Add another stone to your spineless back.

I want to be your living insomnia
I want to eat at you
I want to bury your filthy crown
I want to be the hour of sleep that you fucking lose.

Imbeciles, imbeciles.
¿Que pueden entender?
Imbeciles, imbeciles.
¿Que pueden entender?
Ni Mierda!

You will know me by my howl
You will know me by my gaze
You will know the stone that’s crushing your back.

For every that life you reap,
Add another stone on your spineless back.

Fill your greed, with someone else's fucking soul.
Track Name: Struggle Session - Smog Thrills
Inhale smog thrills,
Breathing in some of Beijing’s smog thrills, make our sore livers, do some more wet work
These are the best times, I might not remember.

Tired of this fucking TV set, I need a break man.
I need another, I need another fucking

Track Name: Struggle Session - K.E.E.N
What you say, what you sow
Gives you weight, it’s all you need.
The carried moment, the fear tick in the back of ignorant minds.

I will never be functional,
But the thing is I got some shit to fucking say.

With shaky chords
As weak as I am
With the worn face
That I'm fucking sick of
I got some shit to fucking say

I want to be more than this,
I want to give it all.
Even for a sliver of time
It exists, I know it exists.. in me; exists in you.

Peel back, ego death; how blissful
Witness, how good it feels, to be fucking real
What you say, what you sow
Gives you weight, it’s all you need.
Track Name: Struggle Session - Sold Souls
You gave it away
You gave it away
You gave it away

Tried and tired, spent and wasted
How's the life they picked for you? How's the life they wanted? It's not always how much you can take. Bloom from the better place in mind.

Sold souls, sold souls, sold souls to nothing

you gave it away, gave it away, (they fucking took it)
Everyday desensitized; So stolen, so transparent.

Maybe you'll see it through your own way one day.

Sold souls, sold souls, sold souls to nothing
Track Name: Struggle Session - Trail of Glass
Always phasing out the things I can’t forget.
I'm sick of trying, sick of trying; caged inside my head.
Shut me up, sedate me,
I'll drown you out.

Tear into me,
let me show you what good for nothing bones can do.
Tear into me, let me show you what good for nothing words can be.
Let me show you, that not everything has its price.
Scrape from the bottom, marked in sweat, marked in blood... the trail of glass goes on.
A living ensō that never ends, it goes.. it goes.. its goes on.