Split 10"

by Gum Bleed / Sick Times

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Chinese street-punk meets German hardcore on this 10” split. Sick Times step up to the plate with seven cuts of classic ‘80s style hardcore, each under a minute-and-a-half. Tracks like “Trash Diet” talk about our addiction to processed food and the industrial meat industry, while “Fuck the Kids” addresses decreased attendance at shows and lack of support for the scene. Sick Times also throw in two classic covers, “World Up My Ass” by the Circle Jerks and “I Love Hardcore Boys” by Limp Wrist.

Gum Bleed holds up their side with two longer offerings. The three-and-a-half-minute “Commando” throws down heavy hardcore with backing vocals, bridges and solos, while the five-minute “Kiss Me I’m Punk” offers a lighter, more punky stab at a love song. Capturing the best from two scenes, East and West, this record will make you want to crack open a beer, crank up the volume, and let the sick times roll!


released November 4, 2012


Matti - Bass
Vullmie - Guitar & Vocals
Zippi - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in April 2012 at Rix Tonstudio Rosswein

All songs and lyrics by SICK TIMES except:

"World Up My Ass"
Originally written and preformed by CIRCLE JERKS, released on the album "Group Sex" in 1980 on Frontier Records

"I Love Hardcore Boys"
Originally written and preformed by LIMP WRIST, released on the album "Limp Wrist" in 2001 on Lengua Armada (US).


Dee - Vocals
Snow - Guitar
Joe - Bass
Dinosaur - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Olsen at JBO Studio (Denmark)



all rights reserved


Genjing Records 北京市, China

Genjing Records is a DIY vinyl label based in Beijing, China.

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Track Name: Sick Times - Trash Diet
You can't stop cause you like the taste
Devour the juicy bite
keep loading your guts with waste

Trash diet
Feasting on dead meat that's how you like it
Trash diet
Factories that breed and kill
never stand still

They say it's healthy so buy some more
Make the cruelty corporations
getting fat like you
Track Name: Sick Times - Ugly
You ask for a little love
But I'm poisoned by hate
How can I give what I don't have
Don't even love myself

Self destruct
Don't give a fuck
Hurting you, hurting me
Ugly, ugly, ugly

You ask for a little respect
What does it actually mean
The nasty person I've become
Treats itself with disdain
Track Name: Sick Times - Fuck the Kids
Fuck the kids who don't come to the show
Hypocrite jerks that sit around at home
Complaining that the scene is falling apart
While cool bands playing in an empty club

There was a time when I knew I meet you
down at the show
Now I find myself standing here
standing all alone

Thanks a lot for that nasty reward
Another concert and no one is showing up
Where will the true heart punks hanging 'round
Once the venue is closed down

This used to be an important part of our life
Now what the heck is wrong with you guys
What about the thing called dedication
The ones who shouted loud, where've they gone
Fuck the kids
Track Name: Sick Times - People Talk Too Much
People talk too much
Why don't you shut up
Too many moron complains
from the middle class enclaves
Where the world ends
behind the flowers at the picket fence

No sorry for the chosen people
That don't see nor hear, but speaking evil
With their "better you than me"
fucked up mentalities
They'll spend thunderous applause
To see bombs rain on the neighbour's house

Wealthy fucks breeding issues
from getting high on celebrity news
The neat bourgeois facade hides
social cancer inside
Track Name: Sick Times - Edge Breaker
Who's gonna buy this guy a drink
Standing on the corner ain't no fun I think
With the baseball jacket and fat drawn X's
The look to impress some kids
but not the Punk Rock chicks

Edge Breaker, E-e-e-edge, Edge Breaker
After all these dry years you've been through
I raise my beer can to salute you

The booze shots didn't fail the effect
To paint a smile on the face that looked so sad
The diehard boy starts to realize that
It ain't so bad to hang out with the living dead

One beer, one shot, that's the way to party hard
Join the crew, don't be late - time has come for
edge break
Track Name: Gum Bleed - Commando
Just today we solemnly swear
Dig up the hatchet to brutal shadow
Start it from work and daily life
Resist to fascist, lower class kids!

We are the messenger of dawn
Come from cutting off the night
We are the messenger of dawn
Come for walking on the dreams!

Blaze a trail into deep forest
Fight those in power side by side
Fly the flag and light up the rays
Resist bowing down, lower class kids!

We are the messenger of dawn
Come for cutting off the night
We are the messenger of dawn
Come for walking on the dreams!

Fight back! Fight back! Front line! Broken home, broken home
Stand up! Stand up! Commando! All we are, all we are

We are the sons of rebel
The poor follow our steps
We are the sons of rebel
Devote our lives for them!
Track Name: Gum Bleed - Kiss Me I'm Punk
From 1977 (Kiss me I'm punk)
They were born and made the decision (Kiss me I'm punk)
in the name of youth and rebellion (Kiss me I'm punk)
We followed the wave as meant to be! (Kiss me I'm punk)

I can't even see the else
when I'm with you
You're the best girl I ever had
Remind me I'm not alone

I gave you all the lover you need (Kiss me I'm punk)
though got so much black and blue (Kiss me I'm punk)
I've marched miles for searching (Kiss me I'm punk)
the true faith of freedom (Kiss me I'm punk)

Take a chance
Fire faith
Kick it around
Set me free...

So kiss me punk!