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Chorus: Whoa... Oh.. Whoa Civilization Crime! Whoa... Oh.. Whoa Civilization Crime! We was born in hate and dark With this modern slavery Bank and law has bleed white us Hey what's the hell, what's going on *chorus 99 for new colony capital Get paid 1 from the TNC World free market brings us endless debt Hey what's the hell, what's going on *chorus Welcome to the brilliant world factory Full of grandeur industrial parks and top airports Working class pay the liabilities for the whole country But die in private property social security system Globalization imperialism, Civilization crime Corporatocracy failed us, Civilization crime Hey! look at the country's GNP Hey! why you still in terror and disease Hey! wake up the jobless and tear up the reins Hey that's the future, keep going on *chorus x2 Globalization imperialism, Civilization crime Corporatocracy failed us, Civilization crime
Chorus: Holding life you gave me Singing fate you wrote Carrying faith you planted Spending time you threw Departing to the fire Departing to the bright Demonstrations carry on Mass... Every street and every alley No more desperation Engineering miracle Talking about the wish Dancing on the wasteland Full of jubilation Tyranny's burial Liberation Day *chorus Every youngster and every heart No more desperation Constructing miracle Talking about the wish Dancing on the neverland Full of jubilation Tyranny's doomsday Liberation Day *chorus x3
Think about those crazy nights and these burning Neonlights sitting downstairs in the club and shared some precious time remember those easy days when the world was black and white never spend any thoughts about faded Neonlights now there's no one left to find just faded pics - faded neonlights faded lights and dirty jokes are dancing in my head I wish I could start again with wisdom and more skills that's just the way it is look forward - swim or sink respect and honesty our shield and precious link now there's no one left to find burn those pics - smash fairy lights
I'm on a trip for the rest of my life I can't deny that hell is rising for all sinners like me I wanna change to have an option and save my fucked up life just one more night white trash adventure before I fall asleep in the cave of paranoia which arrested me I'm the slave and the destroyer please let me free let it go the fucking anchor before this ship will sink have to learn to be a good boy if not I have to pay the bill life is a ride and things are changing like in a tragic symphony through the storm and through the fog from darkest nights to brightest blue in the cave of paranoia which arrested me I'm the slave and the destroyer please let me free
There are many ways but not everything is for you any way both belong to you Hold on, Oh my way Did you see, Oh my way Endless, Oh my way We have to say I hate, They all want to make a lie the way I hate, It made me want to kill the way
I arrived in a dream world It is not a paradise We can't control everything Hate the cops! Teach you! If you do not want to come down in the world. No! Will be along the path of their bullshit Talk at! Talk at! Talking at the fucking cops! I have to break the world Go to find my own dream I look back to face the cops Shout to him, Fuck You!
Societies intoxicated, censorship's manipulated By the masses of information and it's blinded consummation inform belonged entertain and it clothed your fucking brain You're more interested in high society then your own reality F.Y.P. - Sex and crime's to entertain - cheap showmanship's just the game - yeah, we're getting stupider - and celebrate it more and more Your programs to entertains - a marketing of private space information nobody needs but it's your job to support The market of stupid shit belonged part of society information overload until your brain's coughing up blood! - everything's a fucking mess - you're the fucking yellow-press
To keep yourself busy they are giving your drugs Alcohol and television - where are your own thoughts? You don't realize, your opinion's not your own You don't realize, that you're a stupid clone Entertainment all the time's diverting from reality supporting you're in slavery relax, shut up your fucking brain to get another fucking chain You are a junky now, you'll never realize To relax by consume, and to believe in their lies What's called freedom in modern society? Can't you realize? - It's also slavery! Tell me what you do when they pulled the plug and switch off the chip that controls your heart With a gun on your back you only can be free With a loop around your neck you just want to be


Bringing together East and West, this double 7” is a quadruple dose of good old-fashioned punk rock. Fuck Society brings together four bands from across the globe: Gumbleed and Flyx from China, and Cheap Stuff and RKS from Germany. Each band offers up two songs of old-school punk rock with solos, sing-a-longs and socially aware lyrics. The hand-screened cover depicts a squad of riot cops pinning two punks against a brick wall, where they have just spray painted the bands’ names. A printed insert offers up lyrics and liner notes for each recording. A collaboration between Genjing and German label Eastcore, this 7” is part of the growing movement to break down the barriers facing Chinese bands and help to internationalize the Chinese scene. Global Punks Unite!


released May 4, 2012


all rights reserved



Genjing Records 北京市, China

Genjing Records is a DIY vinyl label based in Beijing, China.

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